Breathe Yourself Free

Meditation Coach Training

“Breathe Yourself Free Is A”24-Week Certified and Accredited Meditation Coach Training Experience.

“Breathe Yourself Free Is At the heart of all internal transformation”

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3 Steps To Relaxation!

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Time For Change?

One day you wake up and think… “I just can’t keep going on like this!”  You realise that you are unsatisfied with the hustle and bustle and the stress that this creates.  Secretly, for the longest time you’ve wanted more energy, more connection and more ease in your professional and personal life.

You feel called to experience how to meditate effortlessly and to share the art of meditation with others. You deeply desire to learn how to create a practice that can fulfil your spiritual and physical values.

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Become A Certified Meditation Coach

Unlock profound personal growth for yourself and your clients by harnessing the transformative power of meditation alongside the empowering guidance of coaching.

“Breathe  Yourself Free” offers a transformative experience. This powerful yet simple approach equips you with the skills to guide your clients on a journey of self-discovery, empowering them to achieve their spiritual, professional, and personal goals.


Within the stillness of meditation, limiting beliefs loosen their grip, revealing the authentic you, a wellspring of truth and beauty

Meditation acts as a mirror, reflecting the truth that lies beneath the noise. As you delve deeper, cravings and worries lose their hold, revealing a core of pure love and unshakeable peace.


Intentional coaching empowers you to take inspired action in alignment with the truth of who you are, towards your dreams and goals, through responsibility and accountability.

Coaching is a powerful practice that can guide you by clearly identifying your innate  values and unveil your deepest aspirations.

“Rosemary guides from a place of JOY that you can feel within” Carmin Wilkinson.

What You Will Learn

You will develop and cultivate your personal meditative practice whilst learning the foundation of meditation with coaching

Meditation Foundations
Meditation Styles
Sound And Mantras
Hold A Meditation
Powerful Intentions
Energy Medicine
Loving Lifestyle
The Business

“Rosemary creates a space that you feel safe to let go and let love in” RR.

What You Will Receive

50 Page Guidance Journal

Self Care Journal

6 Months Access

Q/A “Live” Meetings

Reiki Sessions

Breath Awareness

Soul Plan Reading

12 Meditations

“This is Rosemary’s first meditation training course and it’s so much more than my expectations” CW